Private Lessons


Private lessons are available in several of our studio areas for those who are interested in pursuing a specific project or would prefer one-on-one instruction instead of a group workshop.

Instruction costs $25/hour, and is arranged based on instructor availability.

If you are interested in private lessons through the Press Co-op, please fill out the following inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. (Please note that PS1 is an almost-completely volunteer-run organization, so we don't necessarily have someone responding to emails every day!)

(If you have already booked private lessons and are looking for the payment link, it's here!)

Name *
Please describe, in as much detail as you can, what you are interested in learning. eg. I learned the basics of screenprinting 10 years ago and am interested in refreshing my knowledge and learning how to make multicolor screenprints so I can make event posters. OR I want to letterpress print birth announcements for my nephew. I have an idea for a design but want to know if it will work for letterpress and be guided through the process of printing this project. OR I've always thought etchings were really beautiful, and I'm interested in learning how to make them, just for fun!
When, ideally, would you want to have (or start) your lesson(s)? Any deadlines or schedule restrictions?