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“Eclectic ICE CREAM at Mission Creek,” Hailey Tream, The Daily Iowan (4/7/19)
“Public Space One celebrates 16 years of making art ‘radically accessible,’” Kembrew McLeod, Little Village (1/16/19)
“Artist moms from Iowa City and beyond cope, thrive with kids in studios”, Richard Hakes, Press Citizen (9/13/18)
"Four Groups Are Recipients of New Grants to Support Black Arts Organizations", Monica Uszerowicz, Hyperallergic (5/8/18)
"Dearest Future: A Love Note for Iowa City's Public Space One", Rachel Kauff, The Rib (4/9/2018)
"A dazzling Dazzle Crawl in Iowa City", (photos) Cliff Jette, The Gazette (4/28/18)
"Meet the man behind one of Iowa City's most diverse spaces", Nina Elkadi, Press-Citizen (7/10/17)
"Nasty Women art exhibit coming to Iowa City", Zach Berg, Press-Citizen (2/15/17)
"State grant to support I.C. program for black artists", Holly Hines, Press-Citizen (6/22/17)
"Photos: Locals Get Loud in Iowa City", Zak Neumann, Little Village (1/29/17)
"A Space to Create", Abby Thomas, Downtown Iowa City (Fall 2016)
"Space (or Iowa City) is the place: inside the new Center for Afrofuturist Studies" Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic (3/9/2016)
"Worlds Collide at the Center for Afrofuturist Studies" Antwuan Sargent The Creators Project (2/8/16)
"New Center for Afrofuturist Studies brings Iowa City to the intersection of race, art and technology" Genevieve Trainor, Little Village (1/21/16)
"IC art group grows with 'no sugar-coating' attitude", Richard Hakes, Press Citizen
"Art's labor found", Tessa Solomon, Daily Iowan (1/21/16)
"Iowa City Press Co-op offers printmaking classes, studio space" The Gazette. (1/8/16)
"New Public Space One exhibit explores the relationship between art and work", Genevieve Heinrich, Little Village (12/9/15)
"A Marriage of Art", Tessa Solomon, Daily Iowan (9/17/15)

"New co-op will teach book arts to the community" Iowa City Press-Citizen. (8/19/15)
"Public Space One" (profile), Temporary Art Review (6/20/2
Printing techniques return focus to booksIowa City Press-Citizen. (10/13/13)
Zenzic Press puts its print on Iowa CityHoopla Now. 8/13/13
"Public Space One hosts final exhibition before relocating", Brett Karlan, Daily Iowan (June 20, 2013)
"ARTicle: Interview with PS1 director John Engelbrecht", Brian Prugh, Little Village (3/15/13)
"Six of our favorite performances at Public Space One", Drew Bulman, Little Village (3/9/13)
Local studio provides printmaking workshops” Daily Iowan. (2/28/13)
Public Space One’s Zenzic Press Project Makes $10,000 Kickstarter Fundraising Goal” Iowa City Patch. (9/13/12)
"Collaborative art exhibit at Public Space One", Julia Jessen, Daily Iowan (9/29/11)